Watch Movierulz Telugu Sir 2023 Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Watch Movierulz Telugu Sir 2023 Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch Movierulz Telugu Sir 2023 Movie Review in 3Movierulz
Sir Movierulz - This is what the hero says to the villain before the interval. This one dialogue is enough to say that the movie 'Sir' is a good informative movie. What are the anarchies being carried out by the education mafia in the country? What are the plights of middle-class families due to private educational institutions turning education into a business? Director Venky Atluri has shown this in this movie. The director has succeeded in conveying the point he wanted to make directly without any hint of obscenity or obscenity.

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Sir Movierulz - The beginning of the movie is interesting. The real story starts when some students come looking for IAS officer AS Murthy (Sumanth) and tell him about Balu sir. The whole movie revolves around the character of Balu. Balu's efforts to make children interested in education, the problems he faced in this process, the love affair with Meenakshi Meeda, and chemistry lecturer Karthik (Hyper Adi) in the middle of the first half go smoothly with punch jokes. The interval comes while watching.

And the real story starts in the second half. In the second half, Balu sir's efforts to provide better education to the children and Tripathi's conspiracies to thwart that effort are shown in the second half. But the whole story is left to the audience's imagination, minus the lack of twists. How is the second half going to be after the interval? What is the climax? is easily guessed by the average viewer. Some scenes feel cinematic. The content is not as strong as the background music. The scene doesn't show as much emotion as the background music.

Some of the emotional scenes after the interval touch the hearts. Dialogues like 'Need has no caste', 'If they don't buy what they ask for, those children will cry for a day, but they will continue to cry as long as their mother and father are unable to buy', 'Money can be earned in any way, but only polite education will earn it', the scenes in that context touch hearts.

Dhanush Parakaya made his debut as Balu. The whole movie revolves around Balu's character. In a way, it can be said that Dhanush ran a one-man show. He acted well in fight scenes as well as emotional scenes. Sanyukta Menon acted as Meenakshi to the extent of her role. Her role in the film is very short. Samudra Khani was impressed with his performance as the Chairman of Tripathi Educational Institutions.

Sai Kumar acted well as President of Siripuram. Hyper Aadi tries to make people laugh with his punchy dialogue. Along with Sumanth as AS Murthy, the rest of the actors acted to the extent of their roles. As for technical matters. The main strength of this movie is Jeevi Prakash's music. He brought life to some scenes with his own BGM. The song 'Masteru Masteru' is impressive. The cinematography by J. Yuvraj is good. Editing by Naveen Nooli is fine. The production values are up to the standard of the film.

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